State Farm Insurance did not investigate this claim until 7 years after I reported it.

Florida Lawyer David A. Bronstein falsely told Florida Insurance Officials that the following damage was done by "Vibration From Airplanes."  


I guess the airplane vibration also dropped all this water at the same time.

The rooms with the most discoloration were the ones that received the most rain from this storm.  The discoloration increased over the next week.

Don't worry, son.  State Farm Insurance will take care of us.
 .... but they never did, and cancelled our policy after 30 years,

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Sean was diagnosed as being 65% delayed by Broward County CDTC.  Could the mold in his bedroom have played a part?


Sean today: Sean, 4; brother Eric, 2; mom.

MAY 27, 2004: 

Study Ordered by CDC Confirms Mold Causes Health Problems 


"LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR" State Farm Insurance Agent, Sergio Gomez, phone: 954-450-7494, told me NOT TO CALL or BOTHER HIM ANYMORE.  So I put up this website instead.

A severe storm in June, 1997, caused the 10 year old tile roof on my home to come apart, with several tiles falling over the edge of the house.  One flying tile even severed one of the copper lines on the air conditioner, and we lost all the freon.  The winds had to be quite strong to blow these heavy concrete tiles off.

When we woke up the following morning, we found water dripping into the house from the top of the pass-through kitchen window, and part of the plasterboard at the top was dislodged.  Upon entering the spare bedroom, the corner of the ceiling was bulging about 1/2 an inch, and water was dripping onto the bed.  The bed and carpet underneath were soaked.  Fearing the ceiling would sag further, I got a pail, and drilled small holes at the lowest part of the sag to let the water drain.

I went outside. The unenclosed porch off the family room had a textured ceiling, but the textured plaster was dripping down like milk.  The yard was flooded (click here), and ants (click here) were crawling on grass above the water and up to the house.  The storm drain (click here) was clogged with debris, which I removed.

When I went to file a claim, State Farm Insurance wouldn't even take it, stating they "don't cover insects or vermin."  Ants do not throw heavy tiles over the side of a roof.  I personally paid to have the roof replaced by JAK ROOFING on July 24, 1997.  

The cement tiles were so loose after the storm, that workers could easily pick them up by hand.  

Lack of rot indicates damage did NOT occur over a period of time.  To claim otherwise is fraud by State Farm Attorney David A. Bronstein and STATE FARM TEAM MANAGER DAVID CHEESEBOROUGH.

"Good Neighbor" State Farm never showed up, claiming "ants did it."  In 2004 State Farm changed their story again,  and submitted a statement (attorney David A. Bronstein, of BERNSTEIN, CHACKMAN, BRONSTEIN & LISS) to the State Of Florida.  This time State Farm said the damage was caused by "vibration from airplanes" instead of ants. 

This section of roof sheathing was located over the family room.  It was replaced because it appeared damp, after the felt was shoveled off.  Although this section was damp, and had what appeared to be a white, pungent, fungus growth on its underside, there was no damage, discoloration, or sign of a leak on the ceiling underneath. 

This took place in the time span between the storm on the night of June 13, to the quickest time I could get a  roofing company to replace the roof, several weeks later.  A tarp covered the roof until it was replaced.

According to State Farm and their Attorney (David A. Bronstein, of BERNSTEIN, CHACKMAN, BRONSTEIN & LISS), and Professional Engineer, Ed Faeman, airplane vibration caused this mold on the underside of the roof sheathing.


I filed complaints with the Florida Insurance Commissioner twice, but State Farm Insurance refused to pay, and cancelled my policy after 30 years.  Bad Neighbor State Farm Insurance also failed to honor other claims (click here).

>> This Intellectual Property was stolen from a POSTED website, without the author's permission <<