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State Farm submits YOUR information to ChoicePoint.
January 26, 2006: FTC imposes record fine on ChoicePoint in data-loss case



  • State Farm settled out of court for $40 million in January with Attorney Generals in 49 states .... more

  • State Farm Mutual Insurance Co. terminated its contracts with four insurance agents today for publicly discussing a company-wide pattern of consumer abuse. .... more

State Farm Insurance is a R.I.C.O. Organization that employs Pathological Liars like Attorney David A. Bronstein.  click here.


"Don't worry, son.  State Farm Insurance will take care of us"

.... but they never did.  As a matter of fact, they kept stalling, and it took STATE FARM INSURANCE SIX YEARS to respond.  I guess State Farm Insurance CEO Ed Rust  Jr. needs the money for all those attorneys like the amoral pathological liar DAVID A. BRONSTEIN, to cheat even more people out of legitimate claims.

State Farm Insurance then claimed that the windstorm that tore up tile shingles and caused rain to pour through the roof was really caused by ants.  Later, STATE FARM told the State of Florida's Chief Financial Officer, TOM GALLAGHER, the damage was caused by "vibration from airplanes."  State Farm Insurance also backdated the claim to the previous year.

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While the patriotic CEO of COSTCO gives his customers quality service and reliable products, and limited his corporate income to $350,000, Ed Rush Jr., head of STATE FARM INSURANCE, needed over $4,200,000.00 in 2003 to help satisfy his greed.  STATE FARM gambled away a bundle in the stock market, so STATE FARM INSURANCE now cheats policyholders out of claims more than usual, after increasing insurance rates. STATE FARM has also turned on their own agents.

The average pay for a Costco employee is almost $18 per hour, but according to Ron, my STATE FARM INSURANCE agent, he "earned" between $400,000.00 and $500,000.00 in 2002.  This is much more than the very modest $350,000 earnings of the CEO of COSTCO.  In contrast, each agent appears to be a "CEO," and STATE FARM INSURANCE appears to be a pyramid scheme.

STATE FARM has to cheat policyholders out of their earnings and retirement income to keep Ed Rust Jr., Insurance agents, and legions of attorneys, living in luxury.  People like Florida's Attorney General Charlie Crist (who accepted laundered money from the Town Of Davie Florida), Tom Gallagher, and others, look the other way, possibly hoping to get a hefty campaign contribution.

Wondering why bank charges are increasing?  Many are owned by insurance companies, who also demand that you buy insurance!



per ABC NEWS, February 21, 2005:  Your personal information that you gave to State Farm Insurance, including, but not limited to conversations, is routinely put into a large database (ChoicePoint) for all insurance companies to profit by, and may now be in the hands of Hackers .

State Farm Insurance Class Action: click here


TONY BRAGA'S Website & BULLETIN FORUM (click here)

The Business of Insurance has been exempt from Federal (U.S.) anti-trust regulation since 1945.

The purpose of this website is to expose STATE FARM INSURANCE FRAUD, and allow people to POST COMPLAINTS against STATE FARM INSURANCE.

Insurance Industry PROFITS (NET Income) Skyrocketed 320% in the first 9 months of 2003.(1)  Swindling Policyholders helped a lot.  State Farm Insurance is currently rated the SECOND WORST.   Click here for ratings.   

State Farm Insurance is a Racketeering Organization that is allowed to operate because of the windfall tax income it brings to States.   Financial Officers such as Tom Gallagher, Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida, side with insurance companies.   click here  

The goal of State Farm Insurance Company is to cheat policyholders, deny as many claims as possible, and make YOU prove they did something wrong.  They will then cancel your insurance if you pursue or report them.  Your home and/or car will be put in the CLUE Database, and all insurance companies will charge you more in this secret PRICE FIXING SCHEME, thus raising the "bad risk" pool.  Therefore, ALL insurance companies can charge EVERYONE more, because the ratio of "bad risks" increases.  

Since insurance backed lending institutions require insurance, another word comes to mind: EXTORTION.

While 2 Utah Attorneys sued State Farm Insurance when the company told them to cheat customers, amoral attorneys such as David A. Bronstein, and PEs like ED FAEMAN, prostitute themselves and their professions.  Lawyer David A. Bronstein told Florida Insurance Officials that one policyholder's storm damage claim was due to "VIBRATION FROM AIRPLANES."

>> Click here to see GIGANTIC LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT <<

Some HONEST State Farm Insurance  Company's own lawyers testified State Farm committed fraud.  <UTAH Lawyers > and <Litigation Team>




File your complaint with your State's Insurance Commissioner

Here you will read about scams and schemes in which State Farm Insurance committed fraud against its customers, and how current and former State Farm employees and agents banded together to put together their own website, bluntly stating that top State Farm executives are using the corporation for their own personal gain.

In my case, State Farm Insurance did not investigate my claim until 7 YEARS LATER, did not pay 1 penny, and promptly cancelled my homeowner's policy after 30 years.

On September 11, 2002, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charles W. McCoy, Jr certified as class action a lawsuit brought against State Farm, alleging the insurer had withheld as much as a $50 billion premium overcharge.

One State Farm Insurance Executive, Ed Rust Jr., was paid over $4,207,434.00 in 2003.


While payouts for OBGYN's have decreased 21%, their insurance premiums have doubled and tripled.  


When "good neighbor" State Farm Insurance tried to swindle a policyholder by not paying a $50,000 claim, the Utah Supreme Court ordered State Farm Insurance to pay $9,000,000.00 in punitive damages.  click here


Why do insurance companies factor in your credit history when quoting insurance?


>>>  How To Represent Your Clients When Their Insurance Company Says, "No Coverage" Or "Claim Denied"! click here  <<<


As for State Farm paying only 50% to policyholder's suffering hurricane damage in Florida......

...... do you think I could get away with paying only 50% of my premiums???  This tells me that Florida's Chief Financial Officer, TOM GALLAGHER, may not be doing his job.


State Farm Insurance is the only insurance company I know, whose own agents set up a website stating that State Farm Insurance is corrupt.

"..... Company executives are using State Farm for personal financial gain, and it's costing policyowners BILLION$ of dollars in higher insurance rates..."

(The State of Texas also recognizes this GREED  click here.)

"Current and former State Farm agents from across the country have created a website for the benefit of informing policyowners."

Although the website ""  mysteriously disappeared in the fall of 2004, references to it can still be found:


State Farm Agents have also sued State Farm Insurance.   CLICK HERE    

According to agents suing their Parent Company, State Farm is raiding their customer lists, and trying to drive them out of business  CLICK HERE   ..If State Farm Insurance cheats its own agents, what chance do policyholders have?  

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Four Hurricanes hit Florida in 2004, and caused $60 billion dollars damage.  If you think insurance companies paid this loss, I have a bridge for sale.

A Florida resident who handles insurance for Florida's largest grocery chain, received a check for $0.00.  Her insurance company didn't pay her a cent.  Insurance companies reportedly subtracted deductibles for each storm, leaving one person with a check for $1,500 for his whole house!

Insurance companies lost a bundle of their customer's money in TYCO, WORLDCOM, and other stocks, in addition to the 9-11 market slide.  Unlike their policyholders, they will be able to rake in even more cash, claiming they lost money, and not letting the public know that this loss was not really a "loss,"  but merely a REDUCTION in their outrageous PROFITS.

When a wild, giant, pregnant, female Iguana crashed through our living room window, State Farm Insurance agent Ron Wilson stated that the damage would not be covered, because it was my fault for 'not eradicating vermin, lizards, ...'

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On February 3, 2004, State Farm Insurance Company Utah lawyers  Richard Spratley and Brett Pierce settled a suit against their former employer, State Farm Insurance, because State Farm Insurance told lawyers to CHEAT POLICYHOLDERS.   click here for full story

State Farm Insurance Company cancels policyowners who exercise their Constitutional Right to bear arms - including police officers .... read more 

First Enron, Now State Farm:
The Gramm Connection !  click here

Read what Consumer Affairs says about STATE FARM Home Owners Insurance!

"Bad Faith Neighbor" STATE FARM  click here

"state farm came out to my place after [hurricane] frances and in 2 weeks I had a check for 50% of the total damage.......the remaining balance I have to pay out of pocket, then I have to dispute the balance remaining.....anyone know a contractor that will work for 25 cents on the dollar........"

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LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, STATE FARM IS THERE ...but only to collect  premiums!  

While stopping at my agent's office, the person with me spotted a folder with my name on it, and opened it.  She called my attention to a letter to my agent with the State Farm logo on it, directing my agent to adjust my insurance to reflect the proper value of my home; to go from $127,000.00 to I believe, $78,000.  This was quite an overcharge, yet I never received a penny of these overcharges.  We confronted the company about being overcharged for years, but they never replied.

Moral:  If you're a State Farm Insurance Agent, don't leave your customer's folder in front of him while you're ripping him off, and then walk out of the room.

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Good Neighbor:
The #1 phrase neighbors use to describe a serial killer!


Insurers use a vast database called CLUE (click here),  or Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, to drop or deny coverage based on the history of claims, age, or damage to a building. 

ChoicePoint (1-877-317-5000 ) of Alpharetta, Ga., who collects the information, reports that the database contains both damage reports and claims.

Insurance companies are especially paranoid about water damage or mold. If you report water damage,  insurers might "blacklist" your home and hurt it's resale value.  Even asking a State Farm Agent a question can result in your policy being cancelled (click here).

PROBLEM:  The sole purpose for having insurance is to cover loss or accidents, otherwise, it is nothing less than a R.I.C.O. Scheme (Racketeering).

In years to come, it is easy to see that families with negative genomic predictors will find it impossible to obtain health insurance as insurance companies invade the privacy of our very genetic makeup. 

Around the year 2000, Fort Lauderdale Florida area State Farm Agent Ron Wilson boasted he made between $400,000,00 and $500,000.00 per year.  We soon found out why. They lie to the customer and the State.

This website was started because I filed a claim in 1997 with R.I.CO State Farm Insurance.  We called and called and they stalled and stalled. After filing the first complaint with the state of Florida, they responded by lying to an insurance adjuster, and stalled again.

State Farm sent a letter to the adjuster, fraudulently stating that the claim was from 1996, and the adjuster sent a letter to me saying he could no longer handle this claim.

The secret behind State Farm's not paying my claim was their promise to always send someone out, but they never did.

The last time I called Sergio Gomez was on February 26, 2004, and this time his whole demeanor had changed.  "I don't want to talk to you anymore" ... he barked ..."Have your lawyer call me."  I asked if I could quote him, and he said yes ....and then hung up on me.  

After the second complaint to the Insurance Commissioner for the State of Florida, they finally sent an attorney with a P.E.,  SEVEN YEARS after the customer reported it,

Zimmerman Reed is seeking recovery of financial loss for individuals who were improperly billed by State Farm.  If you would like more information or believe that you may have been similarly affected by State Farm's billing practices and wish to speak with an attorney, at no cost to you, please contact J. Gordon Rudd, Jr. at 1.800.755.0098 

Insurance companies owe a duty to adjust claims made by their policy holders in good faith. This duty applies to all claims made by policy holders, including personal property claims, i.e., household property. We are investigating State Farm Insurance Company’s handling of personal property claims made by its policy holders. Personal property claims arise in many circumstances: burglary, fire, flood, etc. If you have a complaint regarding the manner in which State Farm Insurance Company handled your personal property claim, please complete the following questionnaire.



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(1) according to a recent study by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and the National Association of Independent Insurers.